The Grand-Erie Study (2018-2020)

This graduate research is being completed by Elaine Ho, PhD Candidate at the University of Waterloo.  The main goal is to provide recommendations on how monitoring (measuring and interpreting data) can be improved and coordinated near the mouth of the Grand River and the nearshore area of Lake Erie.  The study started in January 2016 and will be complete by April 2021.


Map: Grand River Conservation Authority

Study Resources

Click here to visit the resources page to access a variety of study materials, including:

  • Journal publications

  • Summary reports (brief outcomes of each research phase)

  • Presentation slides

  • Posters presented

  • Information and Consent letters

  • Forms for participation in the research

  • Posters and outreach materials

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This research is part of the nationwide Global Water Futures research initiative at University of Waterloo (Lake Futures group).  Global Water Futures is funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund in partnership with participating institutions.  The research is also supported by the University of Waterloo.
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