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Indigenous youth at Six Nations of the Grand River have worked hard creating personally-meaningful pieces to share their stories, experiences, concerns, solutions and teachings with water managers and the Canadian public. Youth are participating through our research partner, Music for the Spirit & Indigenous Arts.


The goal of this event series is two-fold: first, feature young people's creative works in a publicly-accessible way (the traveling arts exhibit); and second, to capture their relationships with the water (especially the Grand River or Lake Erie).  The youths' pieces will be displayed at a traveling arts exhibition from March to June 2020.

Artistic media include painting (on various surfaces), drawing and photography.  The stories being shared range from personal experiences - e.g., lack of access to safe drinking water on reserve - to storytelling teachings that have been passed down through generations.


The exhibit project is a co-created collaboration between Elaine and Richelle Miller, Coordinator of Music for the Spirit & Indigenous Arts (with early inspiration from artist Paul General), who met at a workshop through Great Art for Great Lakes.  This collaboration is a unique opportunity to engage youth in traditional activities while offering water managers a rare glimpse into the values and concerns of some members of the Six Nations community.


There are two parts to this project: first, the artistic creations (accompanied by brief write-ups) will be displayed; second, the entire exhibit will be photographed and compiled into a self-guided tour (on this website as well as a downloadable/printable PDF) that will incorporate much more detailed information than the descriptions accompanying pieces viewed in-person.

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Due to Covid-19, all venues are cancelled, to be rescheduled.


Updates to be provided as information is available.