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The Carolinian Cafe (5 Cayuga St.)

March 2-14 (free parking, free access)

The Carolinian Cafe will be our first host of the series! Visit Jordan and the crew to enjoy some wonderful farm-to-table meals and learn from the beautiful creations by the youth of Music for the Spirit and Indigenous Arts! Hours are Monday to Friday 8am-3pm, Wednesday has additional hours 5pm-8pm, and Saturday from 9am-3pm.  Read The Carolinian's story here.

Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum (10 Huron Road)

March 20 - Water for All/Soupfest (free parking, paid access)

The youth exhibit will be featured in the main lobby of the museum during this day-long combined March Break and World Water Day event.  Local restaurants will bring various soups for families to enjoy in a celebration of the joy water can bring us.  An Indigenous youth artist will be present to discuss the works and answer any questions.

Due to Covid-19, all venues are cancelled, to be rescheduled.


Updates to be provided as information is available.

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Cambridge Centre for the Arts (60 Dickson Street)

March 23-April 3 (free 2-hour parking at City Hall, free access)


We are hugely thankful for the wonderful support from Cambridge Centre for the Arts!  Regular hours of operation are: Monday to Thursday 8:30am-9pm, Friday 8:30am-4pm and Saturday 9am-3pm.  Visit their website for more information.

Check out our youths' creations and join us for a special opening night on March 24, from 6-8pm.  More information coming soon.

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Waterloo Indigenous Student Centre (room 228 at St. Paul's University College, 190 Westmount Rd. N.) 

April 6-17 (paid parking, free access)

This event coincides with WISC's end of term feast on April 7.  Hours are 9am-4pm Mondays to Fridays.  Learn more about WISC at their website.

Centre for International Governance Innovation 

April 20

This one-day event is private, by invitation only.  Select youth will present to water managers from Federal, Provincial and municipal governments as well as the local Conservation Authority and other relevant managers.  The youth will also participate in a workshop with the managers in the afternoon.  Organized in partnership with Lake Futures, part of Global Water Futures.  The event is scheduled to run from 8:30am-4:30pm.

THEMUSEUM (10 King St W.)

April 29-May 24 (paid parking, paid access)

THEMUSEUM will host the youths' creations alongside their exhibit ALARM: responding to our climate emergency.  This unique museum of ideas and experiences offers interactive exhibits that are fresh and culturally important - truly a "premier cultural destination and a hub for creative thinking and inspired play for all stages of life."  Detailed parking information is found on their website.  Hours are Wednesday 10am-9pm and Thursday to Sunday 10am-4pm.

Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum (10 Huron Road)

Shuh barn, May 26-28 - Groundwater festival (free parking, paid access)

The exhibit will be featured in the Shuh barn at the Doon Heritage Village during the last three days of the annual Waterloo-Wellington Children’s Groundwater Festival.  An Indigenous speaker share Haudenosaunee culture through storytelling, complemented by the youths' works. An Indigenous youth artist will be present to discuss the works and answer any questions.  Summer hours are Monday to Sunday, 9:30am-5pm.

University of Waterloo School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability (Environment 2 building, room 2022)

June 2-19 (free 15 minute parking at the door or longer paid parking in a visitor's lot, free access).

The youths' creations will be displayed in a dedicated classroom for two weeks.  This exhibit will be incorporated into the Field Ecology course (ENVS 200).  In addition, some youth will have the opportunity to present a short guest lecture to the class.  The exhibit will be accessible 9am-4pm on weekdays.

This research is part of the nationwide Global Water Futures research initiative at University of Waterloo (Lake Futures group).  Global Water Futures is funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund in partnership with participating institutions.  The research is also supported by the University of Waterloo.
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